Last minute Aikido shopping

An Aikidoka is always busy traveling and practicing Aikido, especially during the holiday season! Because then the cool seminars are popping up, like summer camp or winter camp. These training camps don’t give us any chance to do some shopping. So we tend to do some last minute shopping, guess what.. everybody else does too. To prevent getting frustrated waiting in lines, we found the solution; online Aikido shopping. We made a short list of some cool Aikido webshops where you can find some cool products.

1. Tozando

One of the largest webshops there is in martial-arts. They have the most common products for sports like Aikido. We like the special dojo shrines and that for less than €90,-

2. Aikido-shop

Here you can find this nice Aiki-do book, specially made for kids. It’s the perfect gift for any Aikidoka wanting to learn in a fun way. It has puzzles and games all about Aikido for €12,50,- Every now and then they have something new, so check it out once in a while. 

3. Matsuru

One of the bigger Dutch martial-arts shops in Holland. They sell gi's, hakama's and everything else you need. Our favorite is the Aikido gi, with the Japanese kanji of Aikido on the side. Depending on your size, you can get one for €45,-

4. Samurai workshop

Really cool workshop with lots of real man-swords. From bokken to really old kantana. If you are into working with the sword, you can even let your Iaito get customized. We fell in love with the Okuden Iaito, Aozora Hanabira katana 2.5 shaku. 

5. Aiki-trend

For all the ladies practicing Aikido, this shop has the finest jewellery. Handmade in Peru and great quality. All the great women teachers have been shopping here, so why aren’t you. Surprise yourself or your best friend with the "Mitsudomoe Tsuba 'Noir' for just €70,-

Now, if you have checked out all these webshops and still can’t find anything on your list.. you might like to download this Aikido-coupon and come up with your own special gift.