Donovan Waite sensei

Donovan Waite started practicing Judo in Birmingham, England, when he was 7 years old. A year later his first Aikido lesson followed in the dojo of Ralph Reynolds. He kept on practicing Judo twice a week, however, until he was 15. Just before his 14th birthday he received his Shodan Aikikai with Chiba Sensei. In England he also met Tamura Sensei and started taking his lessons regularly in France. He also took lessons from Saito Sensei.

Saito Sensei opened his eyes with weapons training and the way it influences body movement. Much of his weapons training he received from Chiba Sensei. When he decided to practice aikido on a more professional and full-time level, he decided to contact Yamada Sensei in New York upon recommendation of Tamura Sensei.

In 1984, when he was 24 years old, he moved to New York and was Uchi Deshi (resident pupil) for more than 10 years at New York Aikikai, where he followed lessons intensively during this whole period with Yamada Sensei, and later also with Sugano Sensei. Donovan Waite is now teacher at New York Aikikai, main teacher of Aikido of Center City in Philadelphia and gives seminars every year in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, The United States, Canada, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Israël and other countries.

He is 7th dan Aikikai, Shihan and is affiliated with the United States Aikido Federation. Donovan Waite taught aikido at New York University and also provided the choreography for the fight scenes of the film Drawing Down the Moon (1997). He taught himself a safe way of performing Ukemi (receiving the technique) and developed his own method out of this, which he explains in two instructional videos: "Meeting the Mat" and "The Principles of Giving and Receiving”. Lastly, he contributed to various movies, DVDs and CDs with, among others, Yamada Sensei and Sugano Sensei, for example "The Power" and "The Basics".