Christian Tissier sensei

Before Edo and Anne sensei became pupils of Yoshimitsu Yamada shihan, they had been pupils of the French grand master Christian Tissier for about 8 years. Also thanks to him, they started their own dojo in Veldhoven.

Christian Tissier was born in Paris on February 7th, 1951. He was 11 years old and practiced judo, and after the judo lesson Aikido was taught to about three or four people. For Aikido you didn't need to be strong, so he was interested to try it. And so he started with aikido in 1962. His first Aikido teacher was Tavernier Sensei. After three months, Nakazono Sensei came to Paris from Japan and Christian started taking lessons from him. Nakazono Sensei was at that moment an important Sensei in the eyes of Christian Tissier. He had enormous charisma and had practiced many martial arts. Besides Aikido, Nakazono Sensei taught him also spiritual things, for example meditation.

After his graduation in 1969 he left for Japan. Christian Tissier was 18 years old at that time. He took all lessons that were given. The Doshu was his most important teacher, he took his lessons every day. He had absolutely nothing in Japan; no family, no house, but he was given shelter later by friends of Yamaguchi Sensei. Eventually he lived in an apartment opposite of the house and the dojo of the Doshu. Among others, Endo Sensei was his senpai. He was also influenced by Osawa Sensei and Yamaguchi Sensei. Yamaguchi Sensei was a very human person. Even at old age he was very flexible. Yamaguchi Sensei only talked about what Aikido is, and about the message of his techniques. 'Aikido is the search for the ideal of the perfection of the self', was his conviction.

It was Yamaguchi Sensei who introduced Christian Tissier to Minoru Inaba, a Kenjutsu Sensei. Tissier was very impressed by the demonstration of this man. Sensei Minoru himself trained a lot with the sword, but he hardly gave lessons. His principle was: "When you start something, you have to finish it properly". He said to Christian Tissier: "If you're still here in 6 months, I will give it a thought to start training you." Christian Tissier ended up taking lessons from him for seven years.

In 1976, Christian Tissier returned to France, where only later he opened his own dojo in Paris.