Sensei Edo and Anne

Anne and Edo are the basis of the non-violent way. They set an example and give guidance to their pupils. Anne and Edo are young and in the prime of their lives. They spread their enthusiasm and passion to everyone sharing the mat with them. No-one can ignore their aikido.

They started with judo at the age of five. Driven by enthusiasm and full of energy they also took up Hapkido and Taekwondo. Not a day without training. A week had 7 days, a year had 52 weeks. And then there was Aikido. 

Characterized by their passion, motivation, perseverance ánd talent, they soon became real pearls of the dojo. In the meantime they've learned all the tricks of the trade, who found their way through opposition. Anne and Edo are at the start of their Aikido journey, building on knowledge, experience and a solid foundation. 

This solid foundation was laid in France. Under supervision and as pupils of Christian Tissier Shihan, they were shaped to become aikidokas. They spent many hours of training with Bruno Zanotti sensei and Micheline Tissier sensei. 

Anne and Edo have always trained with young and old alike, at home and abroad and at all kinds of skill levels. This has made them to what they are now: aikidokas at the beginning of a long journey. Aikido is something you practice for life, it's not just a martial art but also a way of life. 

Life does not stand still. Aikido teaches you to go along with the movement. A new challenge, pushing your boundaries and letting the next sensei inspire you. Edo and Anne now go abroad. They have become pupils of Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan 8th Dan. He will guide them further and help them shape their aikido and their organisation.